Monday, June 6, 2011

Time to get organized

Okay, I don't know how I've survived for this long without a permanent organizational thing at home. We've tried many different things and I have come to find that they were all very good ideas but I wasn't consistent and making sure we follow through. Now I know it's nobody's fault but my own, but I am going to change all that TODAY!!

What with summer here...because the rain finally, FINALLY decided to take a break...I'm thinking we will go absolutely crazy if we don't do something and this, I think, will enable us to use our summer to be productive and have more time for the fun stuff. I can't stand wallowing our summer away in uselessness. Ya know?


I cleared off a wall in my living room that I'm am going to use for charts and the kids can have their own kid friendly check off list along with a picture of their job when it's finished. As soon as I finish it I'll take a pic of the whole thing so you can see how I've done it. I'm still working out the details.

I got a really cool hanging thing from and each of the children gets their own pocket. This one comes with 10 pockets and there are some with a lot more pockets but this will suffice and even allow extra pockets for other things.

I'm still in the process of getting the chores list and the kid's check off lists finished. I'll let you know how that goes. So the wall is cleared off and we will put the first of the 'family center' stuff up but first.....we get to paint the wall.
I think I'll let the kids help decide what color to paint that particular wall to help make it their own. Of course, I will help them decide on reasonable colors. If I leave it up to my 5 year old it'll be bright pink with butterflies on it or something. Hmmmm we'll have to see about that. I'll talk them into something reasonable. 
Wait! I have a better idea. Why don't I just choose the color?

I'll paint tonight and post more tomorrow.

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